lets go higher, take me higher.

DRIP produced by nick pacoli. written by samantha duenas and rosemarie tan. performed by samantha duenas.  GOOD FOR IT produced by the reid stefan. written by samantha duenas and rosemarie tan.  performed by samantha duenas.  PRIORITY produced by the supercookies. written by samantha duenas and rosemarie tan.  performed by samantha duenas. 

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER samantha duenas, rosemarie tan
ALBUM ART DIRECTION james k. bailey


SPECIAL THANKS  rose idk how we do it but we do it.   the basement is backkkk.  my life is forever transformed because of you, thank you for all of the talks turned songs, my sister, not nice gurls forever.  nick pacoli, what a blessing you are. thank you for your energy and openness to create with me.  reid stefan you make the best cacao nib mint smoothies.  superc00kies tay and wes, priority has been a #1 chart topping banger since we first sat down to make it.  david kim, thank you for the fire mixes, and being the generally best human being to work with.  fran, you are my rock, god's fran.  cassey, existing is nearly impossible without your human assistance.  arthur yeti for being my muse.  the chair at the pudong airport that sparked the vision.  to jetlag for being my mistress and giving me regular doses of insanity to pursue the impossible.  my agent adam ogushwitz, thank you for being in my corner and taking a chance on my potential.  thank you for taking the time to understand my complexity and looking out for me.  daddy kev, jake, edrina, michelle, erik otis, and the entire alpha pup team for seeing my vision and hanging in there with my late delivery of assets.  hypebae, missbish, okayplayer, for your constant support.  i am thankful for every ounce of encouragement, retweet, repost, kind message from supporters around the world.  your warm embrace keeps me doing all the unfamiliar shit that i am afraid of doing. et voila. here we are.