In a recent feature with Hypebae, I rummage through my medicine cabinet and give a raw walk through my evening skin care routine.  Watch the video below!  A couple of notes on my personal skincare:  1.  I had horrible acne up until recently, and even now my skin is very reactive and sensitive.  Because of this, I don't have the pleasure of being adventurous and trying any and every new trendy product on the market.  After lots of trial and error I'll come across a unicorn -- a product that *gasp* doesn't make me break out into an apocolyptic inflamed beast?    Tatcha is that line for me.  (This is not a sponsored post.)  I've also started to slowy integrate Hiromi, the organic line that my facialist created.  Her line is awesome, affordable, and best of all it smells like Sanrio bubble gum.  2.  I travel frequently, so a lot of my skin care decisions aim at keeping my products to a practical minimum and easy to pack. 

1. Remove Makeup - Hiromi Makeup Remover or Tatcha Cleansing Oil

2. Cleanser - Hiromi Organic Cleanser

3. Toner - Hiromi Organic Toner

4. Serum - Tatcha Deep Brightening Serum 

5. Moisturizer - Tatcha Silk Cream

6. Eye Cream - Tatcha Under Eye Cream

MY FIRST MUSIC VIDEO! by Samantha Duenas

Here it is!  My first music video, for my song "A Little Wrong."  The first of hopefully many more to come.  Video is a brand new medium for me, I really soaked up every bit of the creation process, from ideation to story boarding to color treatment.

Big big thank you to everyone involved in this process especially Vanessa Beletic, who really took a chance on me.  

COMPLEXCON 2017 DAY 2 by Samantha Duenas

Wearing Carhartt beanie, adidas track pants, Martin Margiela tabi boots, 143 x Commonwealth waist pack.

Photo credit: Kyle Reyes

COMPLEXCON 2017 DAY 1 by Samantha Duenas

Arthur Kar long sleeve tee, skirt from Virgo, Palace socks, Doc Martens, 143 x Commonwealth waist bag

Photo credit: Kyle Reyes

"school night" by Samantha Duenas

i did my first proper live performance in my hometown LA at none other than the institution known as "school night." school night is a long standing kcrw supported weekly schowcase that features up and coming artists. over the years i've watched some of my favorite indie artists perform here and have dj'ed here too. so it goes without saying that it was an incredible honor to perform my EP at school night. thank you to everyone who attended! and if you couldn't make it out to the show, you can check out the entire performance on youtube!


BERLIN by Samantha Duenas

After a struGgGGgggggggle week of lost and forsaken luggage, my suitcase made its little way over to Berlin and celebrations by way of street style photoshoot were in order.  We spent most of this afternoon climbing walls, trespassing this apartment complex, and dodging security guards.  And as we were escorted out, we spotted this gem of an ATV parked on the sidewalk -- MONEY.

Mesh tank top by Solid and Striped, skirt from BabeMania, Nike Uptempos, Acne denim jacket, Prada waistbag, Martine Ali jewelry.

Shot by Ahmed Chrediy for High Snobiety. 

spring 2017 by Samantha Duenas

hallo! i've taken a 5 minute break from listening to the sza album to write to you. the album has been on repeat in my head since it dropped last week. i'm heading to europe in a couple of days, if you're around please say hello! i love meeting people while on the road. i was on vacation in bangkok and a really nice guy came up to me to say hello and told me he is from houston and had seen me play 2 years ago in his hometown and how strange to run into me at a thai food stall on the other side of the planet. those are the small moments that give life that extra bit of sweetness. i'm working on a lot of things at the moment that i will get to share with you soon. namely a music video, my incense collaboration with joya studios, a new song, and 3 live performance dates of "GARDEN"! i'm rehearsing, writing, ideating, and doing a lot of sumo squats at the gym. oh, pickles says hi. she turns 2 on july 25!

ran into my bb p-lo in new york! don't forget to get his new album "more than anything."


australia & new zealand by Samantha Duenas

lakim, jarreau vandal, and i wrapped up our 2 weeks in australia and new zealand. one of my favorite parts about touring with friends is being able to experience new album releases together. the thundercat and stormzy albums dropped while we were on the road and that became our tour soundtrack. new zealand and australia were beyond sick, we played some really memorable shows, and ate awesome food, and even went bungy jumping.  check my instagram feed for a detailed account of the journey.  lakim and jarreau vandal are the best tour buds a gurl can ask for. if we were able to play for you and meet you during our trip, thank you so much and hope to be back again soon.

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february 2017 <3 by Samantha Duenas

is this love is this love is this love that i'm feeeeeeling? currently i'm sipping on strawberry pedialyte and recovering from a sweaty dance with food poisoning. strawberry pedialyte is really delicious, and i'm scared i like it more than i should. i'm taking this quiet moment of downtime to replenish my electrolytes and get excited about some upcoming things! next week i get to play with the dream in SF on valentine's day! isn't that a wild sentence to be able to say?! then i will be part of this epic lineup at the soulquarius festival in santa ana. i stay up at night wondering if brandy and monica will sing "the boy is mine." and then i will head out to new zealand and australia for the first time ever! if you have any food or coffee recommendations please email me! australia and new zealand were big travel goals for me this year, i also really want to go to cuba, morocco, and the maldives too. where do you want to go this year? i finished my pedialyte i'm going to pass out in a minute. see you when i see you. hugs -sam

adidas in berlin by Samantha Duenas

here's a photo of me and karlie kloss snuggling and sharing hot cocoa and telling secrets, as best friends do. just kidding it's more like a photo of karlie kloss with me smudged in the background, at the adidas headquarters in herzo germany last december. oh welp. i did talk to her though and she's a sweetheart. and one time i was having trouble sleeping on the plane and she let me borrow her satin eye mask. that's my karlie kloss story.


143 HONOLULU by Samantha Duenas