In a recent feature with Hypebae, I rummage through my medicine cabinet and give a raw walk through my evening skin care routine.  Watch the video below!  A couple of notes on my personal skincare:  1.  I had horrible acne up until recently, and even now my skin is very reactive and sensitive.  Because of this, I don't have the pleasure of being adventurous and trying any and every new trendy product on the market.  After lots of trial and error I'll come across a unicorn -- a product that *gasp* doesn't make me break out into an apocolyptic inflamed beast?    Tatcha is that line for me.  (This is not a sponsored post.)  I've also started to slowy integrate Hiromi, the organic line that my facialist created.  Her line is awesome, affordable, and best of all it smells like Sanrio bubble gum.  2.  I travel frequently, so a lot of my skin care decisions aim at keeping my products to a practical minimum and easy to pack. 

1. Remove Makeup - Hiromi Makeup Remover or Tatcha Cleansing Oil

2. Cleanser - Hiromi Organic Cleanser

3. Toner - Hiromi Organic Toner

4. Serum - Tatcha Deep Brightening Serum 

5. Moisturizer - Tatcha Silk Cream

6. Eye Cream - Tatcha Under Eye Cream