spring 2017 / by Samantha Duenas

hallo! i've taken a 5 minute break from listening to the sza album to write to you. the album has been on repeat in my head since it dropped last week. i'm heading to europe in a couple of days, if you're around please say hello! i love meeting people while on the road. i was on vacation in bangkok and a really nice guy came up to me to say hello and told me he is from houston and had seen me play 2 years ago in his hometown and how strange to run into me at a thai food stall on the other side of the planet. those are the small moments that give life that extra bit of sweetness. i'm working on a lot of things at the moment that i will get to share with you soon. namely a music video, my incense collaboration with joya studios, a new song, and 3 live performance dates of "GARDEN"! i'm rehearsing, writing, ideating, and doing a lot of sumo squats at the gym. oh, pickles says hi. she turns 2 on july 25!

ran into my bb p-lo in new york! don't forget to get his new album "more than anything."