february 2017 <3 / by Samantha Duenas

is this love is this love is this love that i'm feeeeeeling? currently i'm sipping on strawberry pedialyte and recovering from a sweaty dance with food poisoning. strawberry pedialyte is really delicious, and i'm scared i like it more than i should. i'm taking this quiet moment of downtime to replenish my electrolytes and get excited about some upcoming things! next week i get to play with the dream in SF on valentine's day! isn't that a wild sentence to be able to say?! then i will be part of this epic lineup at the soulquarius festival in santa ana. i stay up at night wondering if brandy and monica will sing "the boy is mine." and then i will head out to new zealand and australia for the first time ever! if you have any food or coffee recommendations please email me! australia and new zealand were big travel goals for me this year, i also really want to go to cuba, morocco, and the maldives too. where do you want to go this year? i finished my pedialyte i'm going to pass out in a minute. see you when i see you. hugs -sam