thank you for taking a chance on me.

ONE produced by krne and b.lewis. written by rosemarie tan. performed by samantha duenas.  A LITTLE WRONG produced by the stereotypes. written by rosemarie tan.  performed by samantha duenas.  ANYWAY produced by samantha duenas. keyboard dana szyka.  drums david kim.  written by samantha duenas, dana szyka, rosemarie tan.  performed by samantha duenas.  LIKE produced by jr jarris and ganan.  written by samantha duenas, dana szyka, rosemarie tan.  engineered/mixed/mastered by david kim.  SO produced by esta.  written by samantha duenas, paulo rodriguez, dana szyka, rosemarie tan.  engineered/mixed/mastered by david kim.  performed by samantha duenas, paulo "p-lo"rodriguez. THE END produced by annaliese schiersch.  written by annaliese schiersch, rosemarie tan.  engineered/mixed/mastered by annaliese schiersch.  performed by samantha duenas.

EXECUTIVE PRODUCER samantha duenas, rosemarie tan
RECORDED AT chalice studios, hollywood, california. additional recording at stereotypes studio, santa monica, california.  shoulda known studios, hollywood, california.

SPECIAL THANKS  danz thank you, none of this would be possible with out your divine intervention and 15+ years of making sure i never forgot about my singing garden.  you are the catalyst, a saint, and my hero. rose i knew you were special when we showed up to our first encounter wearing the same exact outfit, wrote a song within three hours of meeting, and then went home accidentally wearing each other's shoes. i'm only sad that we didn't meet sooner.  you make me stronger and more confident and teach me so much every day.  bitch we did this shit!!!!!!  david kim so generous and kind, our trio with rose is magical, you guys are my studio parents.  connie for the beautiful clothes we used for the album cover photoshoot.  jacq the realest, most giving and most human of human beings, and the only white girl in the korean dumpling shop.  you gave this baby feet to stand on and legs to walk.  fran whos franz is this, my ace, i got a bone to pick.  thank you for producing the most beautiful release party.  cassey my right hand my angel.  kyle i think we are best friends now.  tayz babe thank you for lending your vision to my music journey for so many years now.  we have been creating together since day 1.  i love you we did it again and our next stop is bergdorfs.  jayne our souls (read: psychological neuroses) are mirrors.  tofu salad combo with seafood soup medium spicy.  mikey chillest bro.  neighbor josh.  annaliese, jr jarris, the stereotypes, esta, and krne thank you for taking a blind chance on me.  jones you are the brother and coffee plug i always wished for.  jordan berry in the clutch.  kymmy all of our long phone calls when i can't sleep at night.  p-lo i'm such a big fan of you as an artist and now that we are friends i'm a big fan of the person you are.  i heard your mom brings homemade sinigang to your shows, how can i get involved, let's build.  sasha marie.  ken, cody, and the entire 143 family.  my unending gratitude for you them jeans.  soulection for countless unforgettable bucket list moments and lifelong friendships. helpmeeeeeee, you are the qweuuuutest.  lil stevie.  adrienne.  the remitch.  mrroyalty17 the first leap is the scariest and i will never forget that it was you who showed me that my destiny had the potential to be as big and bright as i wanted it to be.  the psychic who told me in 2012 that i had a voice and wasn't done sharing it yet.  my agents at uta.  richard hoare.  ashley brooke jones.  my therapist.  stem.  stashimi.  the normandie hotel.  bcd tofuhouse.  pickles is the truth, pickles is my muse.  amanda you know exactly how to be the best sissy pants, you always save me when i'm hungover or sad or both.  dad how are you still the coolest guy i've ever met.  thanks for giving me rides to and from the airport at all hours of the day.  we both know i could uber but i think we both enjoy our heart to heart talks in the car.  mom i'm sorry i'm moody and never home and worry you all the time, thank you for loving me anyway. i hope one day you think i am as cool as bruno mars or nicole scherzinger when she was on dancing with the stars.  mary ellen kemp maglalang, guardian angel everything has always been for you.  i love you.